Hey guys 

my name is Abhinav, I am from India I am 21 and will be 22 on 18 th october 2008.

I am a student of architecture, I used to write a bit, have done some plays, want to write one, travelled a bit, like etching ,sculpture and have clicked some photos . The reason for a blog is currently I have lost touch with my social group  (damm everyone has friends) and really need a place to express  and do away with my frustations.


DAWN OF THE YAWN is the zombie like state i achieve frequently these days due to utter inactivity and boredom and tend to express blood suckingly boring but somewhat truthful things with a pinch of hypocrisy and innocence…. Oh crap!!!!! yawwwwn!!!!!!!!!!

Recently i am getting interested in making lists of all kinds, hence another completely new blog “list freak“, however I am trying to have my sources right and my information correct.

I am new to blogging, so your comments on things will help.

thank you.

my email id is abhinav.m.n@gmail.com

love you


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