FORCED Respect

September 26, 2008

You would never forget his name“, my friend said, its so easy to remember it rhymes with “maaya”.This was about the teacher I had in my college. A small petite man who would not appear to be a man of any importance unless for his long almost “sage-like”  beard. Somehow Kaaya had risen the ranks in all these years to become the head of the department. “BULLSHIT” he would say to innocent students expected to know as much as Marco polo did after all his travels.

 Saaya was that typical kind of ageing indian guy you will find everywhere in india, who forces you to respect him because he has a long beard and is old or is clinging on to a “prestigious” seat in the society. “How dare you say that in front of me, i can throw you out in seconds” he would say with blowing the air completely out of his lungs for added effects  which made Dooya sir appear like buddha would with his rib bones after years of meditation.

Students who sere crazy about Haaya sir would obvioulsy get the perks , win competetions judged by him, appear more pumped up than the students who would be on the recieving end of his taunts ranging from insulting family to hairstyle to skin color that too during vivas.

While I tried to atleast remember his name, Looya sir grew in his power, somewhat reminding me of Qutubuddin Aibaq of Slave dynasty who was left by Mhd.Gazni to rule and plunder India. He was surrounded by men like himself, and all of them would make each other appear more pathetic if they were less, alone. He and his sharp sounding comments would make me defocus for days together, almost throw me into a depression , make me feel like shit , he made me believe in himself and expect kind words out of him only to be taken back into reality next time. I learnt later that its all fake.

Fooya sir and characters like him flood normal life of India demanding and craving respect. These men make it apparent that its their birth right to command awe and fear. No you should not ask “why” to these men like Gooya sir , its their grey beards which answer the question

SPV(screw’s point of view)