Whether People of other countries should be allowed to vote for the United States presidential elections?

October 3, 2008

This came about when i was arguing with a guy on an Application called MINE KEY on facebook, the argument may not sound very polished but here it is, the crux.


Against: No, no Non-Us citizen should vote for The US president, we don’t vote for their president.

For : . Americans of course, they don’t vote, they choose whether Saddam should be the president or he should be killed , without Iraq’s consent, whether he is good or bad. Americans get the right to select George Bush who kills thousands of innocent people-Americans have the LUXURY not to vote and still rule

Against:You are asserting that Iraqis should be able to vote in America’s elections. Do Americans get to vote in Iraq’s elections?

For:yes INDIRECTLY YOU VOTE FOR IRAQ, then why do you ask your presidential candidates questions on their stand in IRAQ, i know you asking about a normal citizen voting for IRAQ’S president, but what i am saying is you anyways rule iraq why do have to vote for it, the American puppet government is installed. YES YOU HAVE VOTED FOR IRAQ in a way

Against:If we indirectly vote for Iraq’s president then Iraqis certainly indirectly vote for ours.

But we aren’t talking about being indirect, we’re talking about direct voting.
If Iraqis can vote in America’s elections, Americans must be able to vote in Iraq’s.

For:its very simple what i want to say , The US and the president has a very big impact on the world , specially some countries, so the people whose LIFE and DEATH is affected by the US should be allowed to vote or at least express their opinion, it doesn’t matter to the common US citizen who the president of a 3rd world torn apart country would be, so US doesn’t principally need to vote

Against:Arguably Americans’ lives were affected by the hijakers on 9/11; shouldn’t, by your argument, Americans have some input on politics in Saudi Arabia?

You are allowed to express your opinion but tell me why you should be allowed to affect our elections and we don’t have the same right.

 You might claim it doesn’t matter but you’re making an assumption which isn’t based in reality.

For:it wasn’t a democratically elected government which did 9/11, it was a democratically elected American government which does whatever it does outside America, I know your stand i live in a democratic republic and i wont like people who hardly know about my issues voting for me, nor would i vote for any other country.The role and responsibility of an american president is much much bigger

Against:Doesn’t matter. If there isn’t reciprocity it’s not even remotely reasonable.

For:its like you bomb Iraq loot their oil and ,MAN !you get more than just a say you get shit load of bling and buisness, and poor Iraqis cant even have a say , CLASSIC AMERICAN ARROGANT IGNORANCE..wow applaud people.. hail the common american ..hail their judgement. cheers pal

Against:Listen, you’re missing something crucial here; Bush isn’t me. If an individual Iraqi citizen is going to vote in the American elections, then an individual American citizen should vote in the Iraq elections.

I don’t have any “bling and buisness” dipshit. I am unemployed and have $17 to my name.

You’re ignorance is astounding.

For:Ok wait : aren’t our prime ministers and presidents supposed to REPRESENT us, (aren’t they called representatives), so even if i disagree with certain decisions its my responsibility to throw the man away. IF a common American citizen is so upbeat about their rights,why dont elect a government which doesnt interfere with lives and deaths of people who dont have a fck to do with it.

Against:You aren’t asking for a representative vote, you’re asking for an individual vote.

Regardless, it isn’t as simple as “we don’t like him we throw him away”. I don’t like him but unless there are 2/3 of the country that don’t it won’t matter.
If a common Iraqi citizen is so upbeat about the right to vote in our elections why don’t they do more about the violence that is giving George Bush excuses to stay in Iraq?

For:yea you have a point.( though a common Iraqi might not have a house and would have his neighbors bombed) and i know the majority wins right or wrong doesn’t matter .at least it makes the 2/3ds happy, tats y i said its not about individual anymore, its about the masses, i am just talking of a gr8er impact of an election in US. Nevertheless its a great country and credit goes to the individuals )


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