(ASK THE AUNTIE) auntie’s take on the questions of architecture students

October 16, 2008

Dear fellows, I know you kids really, you know, work hard and all that. Today’s life style makes one wonder whether one is sitting , you know, on a buffalo (oye bhais yaar, hatt mooye! He he he  ) or riding a new Bajaj pulsar at full speed From Patiyala to Jalandhar. So you will have a lot to think of these days hai na? I know, I know, that’s why your beloved Sweetie auntie is here.

The best advice I would give you is to eat a lot of Makhann and drink at least two liters of billo’s(oye again my Bhais yaar, parrey!he he he) milk every morning. But I know you and your issues ( oye not your kids pagaley!) very well, so throw it on me, your questions , and I will catch them like saada Yuvraj Singh.


Chaalo , likhtey rehna, hain ji,

Tata ji , tata



[ caution: the advices given are solely upon the individual judgment to follow, Aunty is not forcing you . Though Billo (aunti’s bhais) takes advices very seriously]


Dear auntie,

I am a 24 year old guy doing my final year, and my beloved clutch pencil is not talking to me, I cannot even hold it and make it write my name. I tried so many things, got a new apsara 2b lead, fed it lots of oil, but it just won’t listen. Please help.

By- ParadiseLost


Dear PL,

Your clutch is insecure little pencil. It loves you a lot. Try kissing it on the top and show it your First year’s AGT , BCD drawings.  Practice making number eight shapes in the air, and doing some amount of kallaripattu( or sword fight) with your pencil. I am sure that will get the blood flowing.

One more advice, keep your laptop away from your lap, generally clutches are very possessive creatures. They are jealous and Steadler laa oye steadler apsara koi kaam ki nahi.



Dear auntie,

I am a 20 year old girl and have spent three years in this place already. I don’t like talking to “normal people” about “normal things”, my parents accuse me of being unsocial or arrogant. I am also depressed a lot these days, is it normal?

By- WitheredRose



Dear WRose,


First of all let me tell you, you are God’s gift to civilization and are very smart and talented and a philosopher, especially after reading all those books, merra bachaa!!!

Its completely normal even, Billo(my Bhais, you should know by now) went through the same phase when she was 12. I would advise you to try watching some “STAR PLUS” or Watch “Dil To Pagal hai” atleast for one hour a day in the morning, Okay!!

Normal people are also human beings, its fine if they have not read Derrida, but

You will be pleasantly surprised by their knowledge about TATA nano and Stock market they also know about that girl Salman is dating!

Hain ji , apna khayaal rakhana puttarji.




Dear auntie,

I am 40 something watchman it’s my job to lock the doors at 12 am. Sahab log asked me to do it every night. But These kids in the studios do a lot of nakhara and  don’t let me lock the door till one o clock, I feel sorry for them , but its my Job a question about my stomach( Pate kaa sawaal), what do I do?



Dear Kanu,


 I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, and will never talk to you. Kittieee! ( :P)

Arrey these kids are the future of the nation, you want to lock them of their creativity? !!

Tch tch tch kanu come here, yeah closer, yeah lend me your ears, Shut the studios from outside, and let the kids be inside. Arrey Kaon dekhta hai? You can earn more every night, see the immense prospects?

Sahab log are too much involved with them selves! They wont even know, just try this and every one will be happy.


I love all of you,

Peace! thik hain na ji, oye camera band karo, band karo camera, haa!


[Any questions/comments are more than welcome, who cares!]


on “Death” and on “Gita”(Indian media neglecting Orrisa violence and bajrang dal)

September 30, 2008

CAUTION:looking for gyan ? this is not the right place

Death is as sure for that which is born, as birth is for that which is dead. Therefore grieve not for what is inevitable.“-Bhagwad Gita

Gita says say don’t grieve death, its inevitable anyways. Truth , says Gita, is nothing but the concepts of ISHWARA(supreme controller), JEEV(soul),PRAKRITI(matter, nature), KARMA(action), KAALA(time).

We don’t seem to go beyond this, like reading a guide book with shortcuts for your exams.

After all you don’t need to read Mahabharatha, if you have seen it on televison, and seen some lines here and there.(or is it?)

Seemingly some religiously motivate people  , have massacered around fifty people in orrisa and I am sure will justify their actions “WITHOUT GRIEF” .Whats more it was’t allowed extensive media coverage like the serial blasts in New Delhi and managed to feature at the second or third pages of the newspapers and five seconds on TV  .There have long been rumours about the massacre of Christians in Orrisa, but such stories are somehow not  much hyped in the Indian media. The so called “secular India” might be going to dogs and we living in the disgraced country are been dragged too. ALL I CAN DO IS VOTE, BUT IT DOESN”T SEEM TO HELP .

“Whats your contribution to prevent the crisis?” you would ask, well I would say “NONE” and am glad to say so because i atleast havent added to the tension.It seems like raising your voice against any kind of violence is to alienate a community which could evetually burn your home down.

I had seen an article on the internet claiming “Bajrang Dal Makes a Village muslim free{click to read full article)”

Stating”The past 10 days have seen armed Bajrang Dal activists on the rampage, driving out about 25 Muslim families from their homes, ransacking their houses and setting them on fire.”           Most people in India will give a full fleged yawn on such a news, it doesn’t make a difference till you are directly affected, see!

Indian  proud of their heritage , dont grieve the dead, but die in the name of culture , without being heard , without producing a single squeek and other Indians like me squeel in such blogs, shame on me.

On the other hand Indian Media ( aaj tak , India tv and similar so called news channels full of crap)  devote most of their time showing the ressurection of Ravan, astrological predictions, similarity between Sita and Helen of Troy et cetra. Why not ?for TRPs.  Sadly but truly this proves our mentality and makes us a nation who does’t mind death as long as it is “by” or “for” Gita.

No wonder if someone concludes that Gita was set in a Battle Ground to jusify evreything possible in the name of God , whch the world has imbibed very conviniently.

(p.s Bhagwad Gita is being misused in present times, but is a great book to read, i love it and hold an unshakeable respect for its teachings )

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