FAKING apocalypse NEWS

This really happened.

A popular school(sadhu vasvani!) in a small area of Ahmadabad in India gave a day of to the students. My neighbor’s kid (age 12) studies there. This is the conversation which followed.

me: what happened why didn’t you go to school today?

kid: today is our holiday.

me: wow! what for?

kid: the world is going to end! didn’t you see the news.

me:hey pretty funny for your age eh! he eh eh

kid: huh? no its true switch on the TV and check out yourself!

me: what the hell kid! How is the world going to end!

kid: mad scientists have dug a tunnel below the earth , to create black hole and suck the
entire earth.

Ii switched on a news channel and the headline said आज ख़त्म हो जायेगी धरती
i.e the world will end today, went on further to sayमहा दानव या महा मशी ?”
i.e. machine or devil ,what is it?

I changed the channel, another news channel repeated the same head line this time with a footage of a tornado in order to convey black hole, another channel had taken clips from “metropolis”.
I tried to check the internet to figure out what these guys wearing nice suits and highly educated with a responsible job to the society are saying. I checked the calender to see if it was 1st of April ,but it was 10th September 2008.It turned out that the fuss was about (LHC) Large Hadron Collider the worlds largest particle accelerator was supposed to start working that day and theoretically under lab conditions produce “tiny black holes”.

I can’t help but loathe the school which gave a day off and at the news channels.

check these site out for basics.

God (if exists) help the victims of these channels. The next day some of them were blabbering about how Ganesha will help you this year.the funny thing is people watch these channels and believe them. Well I feel disgusted to talk about this though I myself am getting addicted to cheap news lately , it goes to a point that it gets so loathsome, so fleshy, so juicy, so addictive.

I would like also to post a cartoon I had created few days ago, with screws as my characters.I call it Screws point of view or SPV, hope it will be a feature to my blog

SPV-what if hammers were used on screws

SPV-what if hammers were used on screws


One Response to FAKING apocalypse NEWS

  1. Priti says:

    these news channels are jerks! seriously!

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