Dawn of the yawn

Yeah the stock markets crashed, heard about people committing suicide due to the lost money here in India.Think it might be a small price to pay for capitalism, after all the money shouldn’t belong to normal people , it should belong to the super rich who can ,you know, afford to loose some money.Normal people don’t deserve money after all they submit there money to the super rich, and make them a bit richer. Yaaaaaaawn!!!! all this now ceases to amuse me.May be I am getting old or everything is getting too repetitive.

“A first sign of the beginning of understanding is the wish to die. “as Kafka put it might be a ray of hope to human kind and makes you feel optimistic about all the suicides around us. I will never be able to figure out why people commit suicide until I feel like. Yeah right! MR.Kafka and if you didn’t want your books to be published , why didn’t you burn them actually instead of just asking your friend to do the job for you.

Here too history repeats again! All so called great men have been treated like God(para normal superhuman). After all people come on , if a police man does his job to catch criminal so does the sweeper do by keeping the streets clean , is sweeping less valuable?

Notably only coca cola and McDonald shares were reported to survive the US financial crisis, explaining ….. well i don’t need to write that! I am studying architecture and hoping that there are enough opportunities to make buildings though a war might be good opportunity for us architects, wont it ? Sounds familiar , its like captivating a tiger first for fun, killing some tigers and captivating the rest in pretext of saving their lives.

Don’t you think a mission to moon is due for a long time , I think Egyptians might be the last ones who landed there, World leaders might be thinking whether “the untouched moon” might grow fungus and rot if not used properly. Like now they are “touching” the ocean depths to exploit it .

Yaaaaaaaawn! man it never ends i am sleepy , lets go and watch some Reality show , atleast its vulgarity will compensate lack of other vulgarities around when I sleep and dont dream of the reality.

Check this site out to find whether coke or mcD is bigger if you care.



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